An artist’s vision, a perfectionist’s eye and a craftsman’s dedication and pride.

We have built our reputation on delivering works of exceptional beauty. Our clients demand faultless precision and attention to detail so the skill and dexterity of the human hand is at the core of everything we do. 

To achieve such exacting standards across a diverse, and often ambitious range of projects, each commission we undertake draws upon the skills and expertise of our talented in-house team of designers, artisans, craftspeople, sculptors; pattern, mould and tool makers, engineers and support staff. Trained in multiple disciplines that include veneering, marquetry, gilding, sculpting in clay, carving bas reliefs and applied decorative metals, their passion and dedication is evident in the quality of their finished work.

Our inherent curiosity ensure that we constantly evolve. Time is dedicated to the exploration and development of new ideas, pushing the capabilities of materials to achieve an impeccable balance of form and functionality.